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Join the Friends of the Dover Council on Aging at their 10th Annual Harvest Brunch. Reserve a table for your friends and enjoy an amazing array of food along with good conversation and music. The Friends members are unpaid and dedicated volunteers who focus on the mission to raise funds for the Dover COA to help foster a more vibrant aging experience for Dover’s seniors. To reserve Harvest Brunch tickets, call the Dover COA at 508-315-5734 or stop by the COA office in the Town House.


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Please make your check payable to the Dover COA, write the class you are attending on your check and mail it to: Dover COA, P.O. Box 250, Dover, MA 02030 or deliver to the COA office for Janet Claypoole

To register, please email the Dover COA at or questions call the Dover COA at 508-315-5734

These classes are sponsored by the Friends of the Dover Council on Aging

Fun With Ukulele
Mondays, March 11 to May 20; 1:00-2:00pm
Instructor Greg Luzitano
10 week session: Cost $60
The Dover Church, Kraft Hall, 17 Springdale Ave

Grab your ukulele and play along with friends. Returning and new participants welcome from Dover and beyond. This class is open to all adults. Bring a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele with GCEA tuning.

Greg Luzitano has been delighting audiences with his creative and skillful interpretations of popular songs across genres since 2006, with countless performances showing off his versatility. He has self-produced six albums and teaches guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele with Jamming With You.
One Family: Human Origins, Heredity and the Myth of Race
Wednesdays, April 10 & 17; 10:30am-12:00pm
Instructor Frank Villa; Cost $20
Dover Town Library, Community Room

In recent human history it has become customary to categorize people by race. A closer examination of the human genome and human origins reveals no clearly defined racial markers. In this two-part program, we will examine the story of humankind as told by genetics and explore DNA evidence for a clearer understanding of human diversity. This discussion is aimed at the non-scientist: we’ll cover the basics of DNA and how it contributes to people and families and provide insight on how ancestry tracing works.

Frank Villa is an award-winning lecturer who finds great joy in bringing the latest discoveries of science to a general audience. In addition to his degrees in the sciences, Frank achieved a Master’s Degree in Religion and Theology and led the Science and Religion Program at the Boston Theological Institute. He is a former teacher of high school physics and earth science, commercial pilot and flight instructor, and a retired small business owner.
History Talks
Instructor Jon Huibregtse
Dover Town Library, Community Room
Cost $10 per class or $30 for series
Churchill: His Life and Times
Thursday, April 25; 1:30-3:00pm
Winston Churchill was a skilled amateur painter, Nobel Prize winning author, and arguably the most important British political leader of the 20th century. Learn about his roles in both World Wars, especially his tenure as Britain’s Wartime Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945.

Cuban Missile Crisis
Thursday, May 2; 1:30-3:00pm
In October 1962 the world’s two Superpowers, the US and USSR, came perilously close to nuclear war over the installation of nuclear missiles in Cuba that could strike deep into the US. Explore the roots of this crisis and how reasonable men in both countries prevailed, avoiding war.
Boston vs. NYC: A Race to Build the Subway
Thursday, May 16; 1:30-3:00pm
Long before the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry or the Patriots/Jets showdowns, the Big Apple and the Hub competed to become the first American city to construct a subway. Both cities suffered from congestion, traffic jams, and too many horses. Subways offered a way to lessen those problems, and, just as important, whichever city built a subway first would claim bragging rights.

Dr. Huibregtse received his BA and MA from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire and his doctorate from the University of Akron. He teaches American and East Asian history at Framingham State. He is currently working on a biography of Massachusetts Senator David Walsh.

Up in Smoke BBQ on Thursday, June 13, 2024 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Outdoors at the American Legion - Rain or Shine

Entertainment provided by Backwards Hats

TO REGISTER:  Please visit the COA office at Dover Town Hall or call the Dover COA at 508-315-5734
Cost: $10 paid on Day of Event  - Children under the age of 10 are free

“UP IN SMOKE” 2023 BBQ Picture